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The Swiss Quality Durablade trade mark is well known for its smoothness and comfort of shaving. Durablade precision quality Blades that respect your skin with no cuts and shave burns and last for a long time, reducing the cost per shave.
More than 60 million people around the globe shave with Durablades every month and we shave over one billion faces every year. It is truly the best professional shaving blade in the market.
Durablade Brands include our famous : Sharp, Champion, Abest, Clifton and LOI brands owned and manufactured by SRBIL. Samah Razor Blades Industries Ltd ,is a world leader in professional shaving razor blades.
We welcome people around the world to try out high quality shaving blades which are produced with a strict socially responsible policy with a zero waste policy and delivered to you directly. Please contact us on or WhatsApp us on +41796203532 from USA/Europe or +8801819241111 from Africa / Asia.


Saleem Sattar
Director & Partner
Samah Razor Blades Industries Ltd.